Treasure map - Our story

Treasure map is licensed to Mapmy Aus Pty Ltd in Australia. Mapmy is a team of IT professionals specializing in mapping and mobile services. We are based in Surfers Paradise Queensland (lucky us). So what does an IT company know about finding you Treasure? Read on:

Treasure map connects you to great deals from your favourite, restaurants, shops and providers in real-time. We simply put great deals from local businesses (or treasure as we like to call it) on a map so you can instantly view, browse and buy the best deals in your area on everything from restaurants to retreats.

Why do we call it Treasure?

Deals discounted up to 95% on products and services from some of your favourite shops and providers, what else could we call it.

How do we do this?

Every day thousands of restaurant tables, holiday and spa packages, theater seats, fresh and baked goods go to waste earning the merchant zero dollars for the item or service not sold that day.

Treasure map allows a business to display their items as real-time or group deals on a map of your area in real time. At a glance you can find and book a table for two, buy a movie ticket, enjoy a spa or beauty treatment or buy fresh or baked goods at incredible discounts. Deals are generally between 50 - 95% off regular prices and from great local restaurants, shops and service providers.

Why do we believe these are the best deals?

Imagine you are a restaurant and want more people to experience your great food and service. You can advertise, feed your friends for free and even try giving samples out to people walking by. All of these however are expensive and generally not very effective. Now also consider your kitchen has to order in bulk so you get the best deals on the freshest food. Staff, electricity and rent are all due and payable regardless if you have customers or not.

So you have fresh food you have to sell that night, fixed costs you will have to pay regardless and you have empty tables particularly in off peak hours. Given your objective is to get people to experience your great food and service does it not make sense to sell the tables you know will be empty (surplus tables) at great discounts so you can stop paying for advertising that doesn't work, stop feeding your friends for free and stop handing out cold samples on street corners.

What this means to you is real time deals as low as 95% off regular prices.

Our mission statement: Better deals, more locations.