Treasure Map for Business

Discover the hidden treasure in your business.

Every day thousands of restaurant and movie seats, travel, holiday, spa and beauty packages, fresh food and services from leading businesses that is not sold over the course of the day go to waste.

Surplus stock or capacity is an untapped resource for most businesses.

Treasure map allows a business to convert this stock or capacity into customers when they want or it's free.

How this works

Sign up "as a business", create a profile and add your deal (treasure as we like to call it). There is no fee unless a sale is made so there is no risk and it only takes minutes.

Once validated, your deal can be posted in minutes and once live Treasure map will serve up your deal to thousands of our subscribers whether just outside your door or 20 kilometres away.

Deals are real-time and can use our countdown where as the deal counts down so does the price creating a sense of urgency with the customer. The better the deal the more sales and the more followers.

Run a new deal everyday in less then 3 minutes, sell off peak deals, surplus stock or special offers and get customers when you want them or its free.

  • Reach thousands of potential customers everyday
  • Secure new customers when you want them or its free
  • Utilize off peak deals, surplus stock or capacity to advertise and grow your business
  • Leverage social media and location aware mobile services to increase your turnover and lower your advertising costs


Free to join.

Campaign cost and details

All campaigns include a map display, deal and business listing.

A map display is ideal for real-time deals targeting local customers. The charge is from 15% plus GST of the deals sale price.

A minimum transaction fee of $1 per deal sold plus GST (if applicable) will apply. Note these fees are in most cases covered in the sales commission.

Redeeming Coupons

Once a Coupon is purchased it will be forwarded to the user to print or as a mobile phone display. A user will present the Coupon at your venue or display it on their mobile phone to redeem. To validate the Coupon please first print out the Customer list (a list of coupons sold) available as a PDF from your accounts tab on your profile. It is important you check off each Coupon presented from the list so not to redeem a Coupon more than once (it is the Merchants responsibility to ensure they do not redeem a Coupon more than once). Subject to the terms redeeming a Coupon is at the discretion of the Merchant, whereas the merchant is responsible to redeem a Coupon they can require that ID is to be presented, a Coupon can be rejected if it has already been presented or if it is not in the user's name. Please ensure any additional terms are in your fine print such as dress code, must pre-book, must be seated 10 minutes before show time etc.

Your business name, location and terms as well as the users name, unique Coupon number, instructions, map, and details of the deal are all included on the Coupon.

Coupons are subject to your terms and only valid for the 'Coupon Value' any cost incurred over this value is to be charged at full price unless stated by the Merchant. See "Standard Deal Terms".